Our planet is changing, universally and unevenly.

Crafting new worlds, and tracing the contours of the ones that already exist, is an ethical and artistic, as well as intellectual, imperative. Worlds emerge from creative practices—of thought, performance, poetry, pedagogy, play, experimentation, imagination and more— and the differing landscapes which evolve suggest a multiplicity of perspectives on feeling, being, relating and communicating. These projects investigate and unfurl the pasts, presents, and possible futures cultivated by world-making pursuits across a spectrum of disciplines, forms, materials, histories and cultures.

Exploring these generative landscapes attends to the ways that worlds emerge as utterly specific to the structures and microcosms that produce them, whilst simultaneously and inevitably remaining entangled with planetary contexts. World-making inherently allows for the plural nature of knowledges, traditions, localities, cultures and justice, as well as placing emphasis on those pursuits that have too often been ignored, silenced, or misvalued. Our collective priority for these projects is to maintain and elaborate on this diversity of perspectives, and to ensure that these marginalised voices and their contributions are heard.


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