World Making

Unsettling Ecological Poetics

Posada - A group of people attacking a giant snail (c. 1880-1910).

Ecological poetics attends to interrelationships among languages, forms, places, lives, and worlds.

In conventional theory and practice, however, those interrelationships, and their constituents, have been too narrowly defined. Unsettling Ecological Poetics investigates the possibilities of an ecological poetics beyond the natural, the wild, the Romantic, and the nostalgic. Furthermore, it dislodges ecopoetics from its conventional home in the Northern Hemisphere, in order to ask what pressures emerge in resituating ecological poetics from within Australia. Ultimately, we aim to render ecopoetics a more plural, and more hospitable, field—and to reimagine what the ecological means, and might be made to mean.