Sydney Environment Institute


Sydney Network on Climate Change and Society

Our aim is to examine the relationship between the climate-changing environment and our own adaptation to that change.

At the Sydney Network on Climate Change and Society (SNCCS) we begin with the acknowledgement that climate change is already happening. Many people in Australia and elsewhere are feeling its effects. The question is no longer whether we will adapt to climate change, but how we will face what will be one of our species’ greatest challenges.

So how should we prioritise our responses to climate change? How much impact and vulnerability is too much? Do we think just of ourselves, or our obligations to those most affected – or future generations? How do we think of social justice in adaptation, especially when those hardest hit are those least likely to have caused the problem? What kinds of conceptual shifts, economic ideas, social movement demands, and governance structures will help us transition and adapt effectively to the profound challenges of a climate-changed society?

SNCCS has sponsored a number of collaborative workshops, on issues ranging from the nature of vulnerability to climate change, to the environmental justice concerns over continued coal and coal seam gas mining. We have also looked to more adaptive behaviors, from more sustainable governance practices to new designs for the flow of food and energy through human communities.

As a key pillar of the Sydney Environment Institute, we will continue our focus on the impacts of, and adaptation to, a changing climate.

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