Access Permit for controlled areas

The Roof Access Procedure has been replaced by the Access Permit Procedure for controlled areas. This access permit procedure should be completed when requesting access to controlled areas, such as Plant Rooms, Roofs, Electrical Switch Rooms, Scoffolding and Construction Sites.

An Access Permit Procedure is required to gain authorised access to any University roofs where the person doing the work could fall two (2) metres or more. The permit system will apply to all employees, contractors, students and visitors.

Authorised Officer

For the purpose of this procedure, an “Authorised Officer” means a University employee with the relevant trade qualifications, industry experience and knowledge of the university’s roofs, who has been given the delegated authority to approve Roof Access Permits.

The current University Authorised Officer is:
Mr Chris Murray, Quality Assurance Coordinator - Roofing and Plumbing