Asset Management Inquiries

PeopleSoft Financials 8.9 (PS V 8.9) has been configured to provide integration between Purchasing, Payables and Asset Management. This feature allows asset information to flow from Purchase Orders, Goods received and related vouchers, once they are input and validated in the appropriate module within PeopleSoft Financials. Assets can then be created through the interface of data already input and the use of control information defined with the Asset Management module.

Some examples of control information are:-

  • Asset Books
  • Asset Categories
  • Depreciation Rates

Once the interface process is run, the assets are created in the ‘Capitalised’ or the ‘Expensed’ Book depending on the value of the assets.

PeopleSoft Financials 8.9 provides inquiries to look into various types of information about an asset.

  1. Source Data - Purchase Orders, Receipts and Vouchers
  2. Financial – Cost and Depreciation
  3. Physical - Serial, Model, etc
  4. Co-Ordinates - Location, Custodian etc

Click here to download the PeopleSoft asset management inquiries - AM100 user guide.