Dispatch PO to Supplier

Dispatch PO

Purpose/What Happens

  • Dispatching a PO to the supplier is an automated process in PeopleSoft. Every two hours approved Requisitions are selected, processed, and converted into Purchase Orders.
  • Commitments are generated and will appear on management reports e.g. Hyperion income and expenditure report.
  • A notification is emailed to the named Requestor to inform them that the PO has been dispatched.

Who is responsible?

Automated in PeopleSoft

Before you begin you must know

Not Applicable

Action required

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  • Purchase Order sent to Supplier
  • Commitments are automatically generated in the ledger
  • Email notification sent to the Requestor
  • There are several management reports that can be run to help academics and local finance track and manage:-
  • The ledger 
  • Commitments
  • Incoming goods
  • Outstanding goods
  • PO activity and status

What's Next?

"Take delivery / receipt items"