Pay Supplier

Pay supplier

Purpose/What Happens

Once the Receipt has been saved, an automated process will build a Voucher according to the Receipt. The Voucher that is produced cannot be processed until the AP analyst adds the suppliers invoice number.

The AP analyst will add the invoice number to the voucher, and if required, adjust individual lines to match the supplier’s invoice. The voucher is paid according to terms of trade once it has been matched and posted.

There is an exception management query available for the AOP to run to ensure that the university is not being overcharged for goods and services. The variance query is to be run daily. This report will identify vouchers lines that will be paid in excess (or short) of the original purchase order line price. The department can then decide whether to hold payment and apply for a credit note or accept the higher charges

  • If the variance is within acceptable tolerance then non communication is seen as acceptance that the variance is within reason.
  • If the variance falls outside a reasonable tolerance level the department can request to put the voucher on hold. The local school/department will be responsible to contact the suppliers and have the supplier provide a credit note. The credit note can then be applied to the voucher and the net amount voucher less credit note will be the balance owing.

Who is responsible?

Before you begin you must know

Not Applicable

Action Required

Run Variance Report / Credit Note Process


  • PeopleSoft voucher generated
  • Payment to Supplier
  • Commitments reversed- accounting entries become actual
  • If applicable a credit note is sought

What's Next?

"Payment is the final step in the P2P process".