Identify a need

Identify a need

Purpose/What Happens

The P2P process begins when a Requestor decides that goods or a service is needed to complete a work task or goal of the University.

Prior to the purchase of goods and services there there must be sufficient justification to demonstrate that there is a need for the goods and services to be provided and that funding is available.

A Requestor is expected to make informed purchasing decisions in line with the University’s procurement policies.

Who is responsible?

Before you begin you must know

  • The name of the desired product
  • Quantity required
  • Time frame for sourcing the product and delivery
  • Where the product is to be delivered to
  • Is the item hazardous? Consider the entire lifecycle from purchase to disposal. If the answer is yes you should liaise with your local safety officer
  • Does my faculty have any additional requirement that I need to address?

Action required

  1. Once the Requestor has decided what is needed the Requestor must get permission from the RC or PC owner to purchase with their funds.
  2. Determine exactly which RC/PC to charge the cost to.
  3. Obtain quotes and scheduled delivery date from suppliers.

  • How many quotes are needed? See the Procurement Policy guidelines in the Financial Accounting Manual (FAM).
  • Which supplier should I engage? The University's Preferred Suppliers should be the first port of call.


All necessary purchasing details i.e. supplier, product (catalogue number if relevant) delivery date, and quotes have been obtained.

What's Next?

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