Take Delivery / Receipt Purchase Order (PO)

Take delivery

Purpose/What Happens

Each Purchase Order (PO) must be receipted for in PeopleSoft. Suppliers will not be paid until the PO is receipted.

Suppliers can deliver goods and services in a number of different ways and to multiple locations. This can complicate the Receipting process if there are many scenarios and combinations. The preferred option is to have all goods delivered to single point in a school, this solution offers greater control, but it is recognised that this is not possible at every school due to lack of space.

Goods and Services can be delivered to the Requestor, AOP, or a Store Person. All deliveries should be opened and checked against the Delivery Docket and Purchase Order to ensure that they are as ordered. Acceptable deliveries can then be receipted in PeopleSoft.

Who is responsible?

Depending on each schools practices, logistics, and the physical set up of the building there can be various people who receipt PO’s.

Before you begin you must know

  • PO number (PO number should be noted in the Delivery Docket or Suppliers Invoice)

Actions Required

  1. Inspect goods, if invoices are delivered with the goods note the PeopleSoft receipt number and forward invoices to Accounts Payable
  2. Log on to PeopleSoft eProcurement and select “Receive Items”
  3. Click Add new Receipt
  4. Enter PO number, and select which items you wish to receive
  5. Modify the amount received downwards if goods were partial delivered or damaged
  6. Enter asset details if required.


PeopleSoft Receipt

What's Next?

  • "AP process invoice"
  • "Pay Suppliers" (within terms of trade)