The Lease Commencement Process


Equipment is ordered and supplied in much the same way as for purchases except to request that the invoice be issued to Alleasing Finance Pty Ltd. Invoices are forwarded to and paid by the leasing partner who then charges the University the quarterly rental amount. This cost is allocated to individual responsibility centres.

Ordering equipment

The process for ordering equipment is as follows:-

  • Determine the equipment requirement. For IT equipment the standard bundles available can be seen on the Ask Sydney - ICT How do I get a new computer page. If these are not suitable for the use to which you need to put the equipment, please contact the Account Manager for a quote specific to your needs.
  • For non IT equipment and equipment not available through a preferred supplier arrangement follow the usual quoting and tendering process as governed by the University Procurement Policy.
  • If the equipment is not covered under the standard lease agreement a specific rate can be obtained from the lease partner (Alleasing Finance Pty Ltd)

Preparation of requisition

The ordering process described below will change once the Peoplesoft eProcurement system is in place.

Use the normal procedures for approving and obtaining a P.O. in your area, but:-

  • ensure that ledger class 5252 is used in the account code, and
  • that the billing/invoice instructions state: Invoice to Alleasing Finance Pty Ltd

Other standard inclusions to the requisition:-

  • Relevant supplier product part number and description - provided on the quote from your Account Manager or in the bundle information on the supplier website
  • Quantity ordered of each part number
  • Unit/extension price per line
  • Order total (inclusive of GST)
  • Purchasing contact name and phone number (in case order needs to be clarified)
  • Delivery Address (include street address and, if applicable, floor)
  • Delivery contact name and phone number
  • Requested delivery date if required
  • Any special delivery instructions to assist fulfillment or delivery (e.g. stair access only, secure site, limited vehicle access, limited hours for delivery receipt, call delivery contact prior to delivery, etc)

Order transmission

Email, fax or post the order with a copy of the quote as follows:

Nicole Ng
Account Manager
Dell | NSW Education
Tel: +61 2 8972 5161

Apple / Campus IT Pty Limited:
Mary Kotselas / Norton Chia
Shop 5, Sports & Aquatic Centre (G09)
Sydney University, NSW 2006
Phone: (02) 9351 5422 or (02) 9351 5412
Fax: (02) 9351 5420

Delivery and invoicing

  • Equipment is delivered to the University and invoices issued to the Leasing partner (Alleasing Finance Pty Ltd).
  • Alleasing Finance Pty Ltd advises the University that the invoice has been received.
  • The leased item, when received needs to be receipted into the lease administration system (currently Archibus/FM) or PeopleSoft by the asset custodian. This must be done promptly to ensure that the lease term matches the warranty period for the asset.
  • To gain access to Archibus please complete an Access Request Form. Once completed, email a scanned copy to .
  • If you do not have access to either Archibus or PeopleSoft and need to receipt an item into the lease administration system, please complete the Lease Form. Once completed, email a scanned copy to .

Lease documentation and commencement

  • The asset entry in Archibus is reconciled against the invoice advice by the lease administrator.
  • Alleasing Finance Pty Ltd is instructed to issue an acceptance certificate for the reconciled items. The acceptance certificate is a legal commitment between the University and the lease partner (Alleasing Finance Pty Ltd) and comprises a schedule of the equipment to be leased under the lease agreement.
  • Documentation is signed and the lease commences.
  • Rentals are invoiced and charged against the custodian’s responsibility centre as recorded in the asset management system.