There are five methods of purchasing/ordering within the University:

  • Petty cash - used to purchase goods and services valued up to $150. The University recommends the use of the corporate card rather than petty cash. Refer to Petty Cash Procedures
  • Corporate card – used to purchase goods and services valued up to $5000 per transaction (including GST and other charges). Refer to the Corporate Card section of this site.
  • Library information resource order - the University Library orders resources such as books and serials through the library system to enable catalogue links.
  • Purchase contract – often used for maintenance or service agreements. Purchase contracts must only be issued if all quotation and tender requirements have been met and the acquisition has been approved by a delegated officer. All purchase contracts must be signed by the Director, Procurement Services.
  • University purchase order – to be issued for all purchases except those acquired using the methods listed above.
  • How to order: Complete an External Requisition Form (available from University Publishing Services (UPS)), have it authorised by a delegated officer or attach supporting documentation with authorisation by a delegated officer and submit it to Accounts Payable and Purchasing. Refer to the University Purchase Order Procedures.