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Workshop on Approaches to Variation and Sustainability in Contemporary Biology


26 May 2015
9.00am - 5.00pm
The experimental evidence of widespread (not to say ubiquitous) variability in biological systems has induced a progressive shift in its theoretical and epistemological understanding. Far from being mere 'noise', variation is nowadays considered as a constitutive biological dimension at any level of description. Acknowledging the crucial role of variability in biological systems, however, raises the question of understanding their stability, both at the individual and evolutionary scales. This conference explores various issues related to biological variation and stability – as well as their mutual relations – as they emergene in various fields of contemporary biology.

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Scholars in Dialogue: Experimental Newtonianism in the Eighteenth Century


Friday June 12, 2015

Muniment Room
Quadrangle A14,
The University of Sydney

Professor John Zammito of Rice University and Professor Peter Anstey of The University of Sydney will discuss and debate a set of theses about experimental Newtonianism in the eighteenth century. The event will be chaired by Professor Stephen Gaukroger.

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This event has been made possible with the support of the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science.

Natural history and the life sciences in the long eighteenth century

18 August 2015
The University of Sydney

This workshop will examine the nature and diversity of natural history as practised and theorised in the period from Leibniz to Herder and Kant, with a special focus on the relation between natural history and the life sciences in the period. In addition to addressing the impact of developments in natural history on traditional disciplinary domains such as botany, this workshop will explore the role of natural history in debates about generation, vitalism and the emergence of anthropology.


  • Peter Anstey (Sydney)
  • Stephen Gaukroger (Sydney)
  • Jennifer Mensch (UWS)
  • Dalia Nassar (Sydney)
  • Mike Olson (Macquarie)
  • Justin Smith (Paris VII)
  • Anik Waldow (Sydney)

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