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Principles in Early Modern Thought

27–29 August 2014
Darlington Centre H07
University of Sydney
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Engraved word map by Leonhard Euler

Engraved word map by Leonhard Euler

  • Professor Peter Anstey (Sydney)
  • Mr Joe Campbell QC (Sydney)
  • Professor James Franklin (UNSW)
  • Professor Daniel Garber (Princeton)
  • Professor Michael LeBuffe (Otago)
  • Professor William R. Newman (Indiana)
  • Professor Sophie Roux (ENS, Paris)
  • Professor Kiyoshi Shimokawa (Gakushuin, Tokyo)
  • Dr Alberto Vanzo (Warwick)
  • Ms Kirsten Walsh (Otago)

Colloquium Sponsors

This colloquium forms part of Professor Peter Anstey’s ARC Future Fellowship project on ‘The nature and status of principles in early modern philosophy’. It is sponsored by the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry and the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science.

Colloquium Organisers

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Program, Principles of Early Modern Thought     
Wednesday 27 August  Thursday 28 August 
9.00  Principles: the Contours of a Concept
Peter Anstey

‘Principles in French Philosophy’
Sophie Roux


‘Principles of Spinoza's Philosophy’
Michael LeBuffe

10.30 Coffee Break 10.30 Coffee Break 10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 ‘Early modern Mathematical Principles’
James Franklin
11.00 ‘ Conflict of Principles: Hume versus Grotius’
Kiyoshi Shimokawa
11.00 ‘Principles in Newton's Natural Philosophy’
Kirsten Walsh
12.30 Lunch 12.30 Lunch 12.30 Lunch
1.30 ‘Principles & the Development of English Equity Law’
Joe Campbell
1.30 ‘Principles in Italian Natural Philosophy’
Alberto Vanzo
1.30 ‘Principles in Leibniz's Philosophy’
Daniel Garber
3.00 Break 3.00 Break 3.00 Conclusion

‘Chymical Principles’
William Newman

3.30 ‘Principles of Religion’
Peter Anstey
5.00 End of Day 5.00 End of Day    
    7.00 Colloquium Dinner    
Download PDF of the program here