Warwick Anderson Receives The Price/Webster Award

Professor Warwick Anderson

Warwick Anderson has been awarded the 2014 Derek Price/Rod Webster Award at the History of Science Society meeting in Chicago. The Price/Webster Award is given in recognition of excellence in a research article published in Isis, the flagship journal of the History of Science Society, over the past three years. The award was for ‘Hybridity, Race, and Science: The Voyage of the Zaca, 1934-35’, Isis 103 (2012): 229-253.

The citation reads:
Warwick Anderson’s ‘Hybridity, Race, and Science: The Voyage of the Zaca, 1934-35’ is a moving evocation and analysis of the work of American physical anthropologists in Polynesia at a time of intense international interest in questions of race. Anderson vividly reconstructs Harry Shapiro’s physical and intellectual journey in complex personal, professional, and political contexts, weaving anthropological theory, popular culture, and personal histories into a compelling story. The anthropological analysis – Anderson’s and Shapiro’s – is skillfully layered. Shapiro’s observations of the Marquesans and Pitcairn Islanders is refracted back at the social relations onboard the Zaca as well as at the political and racial ideas of 1930s America. In sure and subtle strokes, Anderson paints a world of racial discourse in transformation. Well-documented and compellingly written, the essay is a model of empirical research, interdisciplinary contextualisation, and suave presentation, setting high standards for historians of science.