History and Philosophy of Medicine

Professor Warwick Anderson
Professorial Research Fellow
Centre for Values, Ethics, and the Law in Medicine
Department of History
phone: +61 2 9351 3365
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Room 837 Brennan
A14 - Quadrangle
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

The University of Sydney boasts a number of scholars studying the history of biology and the history and philosophy and biomedical sciences. These include:

  • Warwick H Anderson (History and VELiM): history of biology, anthropology, biomedical science and public health
  • Ian Kerridge (VELiM): ethics and philosophy of medicine
  • Hans Pols (HPS): history of psychiatry, psychology, and medicine
  • Stephen Garton (History): history of psychiatry, eugenics, and sexuality
  • Alison Bashford (History): history of medicine and human biology
  • Milton Lewis (Public Health): history of public health
  • James Gillespie (Public Health): history of health policy and international health
  • Iain McCalman (History): history of biology and scientific exploration

Among current research projects are studies of the scientific investigation of mixed-race populations in the twentieth century (Anderson); the history of autoimmunity (Anderson); imperial anatomy (Anderson); disease ecology (Anderson); the idea of population (Bashford); international eugenics (Bashford); medical decision-making (Kerridge); health and human rights (Kerridge); post-war mental hygiene in the US (Pols); Dutch colonial medicine in the East Indies/Indonesia (Pols); venereal disease in Southeast Asia and the Pacific (Lewis); and voyages of scientific exploration in the Pacific (McCalman). Many (though not all) of these studies can be characterised as intellectual or cultural history in a transnational mode.

Many of these projects are supported by the Australian Research Council; the U.S. National Science Foundation; the Wellcome Trust; the Mellon Foundation; and, the Guggenheim Foundation.