History and Philosophy of Life Sciences

Professor Paul Griffiths
Professorial Research Fellow
Department of Philosophy
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Room N492
A14 - Quadrangle
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

History and Philosophy of Life Sciences Research Cluster

The History and Philosophy of Life Sciences group focusses on the history and philosophy of contemporary life sciences, including genetics, evolutionary theory, ecology and conservation biology.

Research projects

Biological Laws: Analogies and Allometries (Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study Funded)
Project Leader: Mark Colyvan

The question of whether there are laws in ecology is important for a number of reasons. If, as some have suggested, there are no ecological laws, this would seem to distinguish ecology from other branches of science, such as physics. This project aims at clearing up some of the confusions in both the biological literature and in the philosophical literature on laws and allometries. The focus of the project is a defence of the view that the various metabolic allometries can be seen as legitimate ecological laws.