Application privacy statement

The University collects your personal information to process your application. If your application is successful and the University makes you an offer of a place, the information will be used to contact you. All mandatory fields (shown by *) must be completed or the University will not process your application.

The information will be retained securely by the University for one year after the offer is made and then destroyed, in accordance with the procedures of the NSW State Records Act , if you do not take up the offer. If you take up the offer, the information will be used to process your enrolment and will be retained while you are enrolled at the university and for a further period of time as required under the State Records Act.

Under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 you have a right to access your personal information held by the university and to have it corrected if necessary. Please contact the Privacy officers to ask about how to get access to your information: see

The University will contact other educational institutions which you nominate to verify the qualifications or credit you have claimed. If you provide statements of results, qualifications, experience or other support for your application, the University may contact the organisation or individuals for verification. If you use an agent to complete your application you must provide written authorisation for the agent to provide your personal information to the University. Click here to show you have read and understood this statement before you begin filling in the personal information fields.