Supplementary application forms

You will need to complete a supplementary application form for some courses. Download the relevant supplementary application form below and upload it in your Sydney Student portal.


Commitment to Veterinary Science (PDF 517KB) all applicants

Education non-award supplementary application form (PDF 45 KB) domestic applicants


Master of Clinical Psychology supplementary form (PDF 782KB) all applicants

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine supplementary application form (PDF 165KB / DOC 37KB )
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine admission guide (PDF 180KB)

Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Master of Biostatistics (PDF 74KB) all applicants

Graduate Certificate/Graduate Diploma/Master of Emergency or Intensive Care Nursing (PDF 46KB) all applicants

Master of Animal Science domestic applicants (PDF 107KB) & international applicants (PDF 112KB)

Master of Exercise Physiology (PDF 521KB) all applicants

Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific) (PDF 420KB) all applicants

Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) (PDF 43KB) international applicants

Master of Physiotherapy (DOC 256KB) all applicants

Master of Social Work (Qualifying) (PDF 226KB), referee report (PDF 123KB) and documentation checklist (PDF 278KB) all applicants
Master of Speech Language Pathology (PDF 518KB) all aplicants

Master of Teaching (PDF 108KB), How to apply (PDF 24KB) all applicants

Master of Veterinary Studies domestic applicants (PDF 145KB) & international applicants (PDF 114KB)

Master of Wildlife Health and Population Management supplementary form (PDF 500KB) all applicants



Sydney Law School - Application for admission to a research degree (DOC 86KB) all applicants


Student Centre - other forms (website)

Study Abroad Unit of Study Enrolment Form (PDF 184KB)