Architecture, Design and Planning

School talks or facilities tour

Design is limited only by imagination. We foster a student’s innovation, inspiration and lateral thinking in our Bachelor of Design in Architecture and Bachelor of Design Computing degrees. We offer schools in Sydney's metropolitan area access to our world leading academics and top students for school talks or alternatively, we’re happy for you to bring your students to us for a facilities tour and a talk on architecture and/or design computing.

Architecture workshops allow your students to explore the intersection of functionality and beauty. Watch laser cutters make precise model pieces or marvel as a powder printer produces a 3D model before your eyes. Become inspired by the projects of final-year students to discover the creative and professional opportunities offered by study in architecture and design.

The graduate exhibition (first week of December) showcases the talents of all our graduating students from the architecture and design computing programs. We invite school groups to attend this exhibition.
If you would like to show your students the kind of work they would be doing in either Architecture or Design Computing, please refer them to the Faculty's online gallery.

For more information please contact Jonathan Hulme on 02 9351 7591 or email