Faculty of Science

Mathematical Enrichment and Mathematical Olympiad

The Mathematics Enrichment program is designed to challenge gifted and talented students. With programs ranging from correspondence courses to residential programs, this opportunity can be tailored to the needs of your school. Students that excel at the Enrichment Program may also be selected for the Mathematical Olympiad.

For more information visit the Australian Mathematics Trust website

Dr Bill Palmer
T 02 9351 3048

The National Mathematics Summer School

Year 11 students
For nearly 50 years the National Mathematics Summer School has exposed talented students from all over Australia to the possibilities of tertiary mathematics. This two-week residential program includes workshops on higher mathematics, guest speakers, and a special lecture at the Academy of Science.

Date: 5–18 January 2014
For more information visit the National Mathematics Summer School website

Associate Professor Leon Poladian
T 02 9351 2049

Gifted and Talented Discovery Program

Year 9 and 10 students
Since the program's commencement in 1996, over 1650 gifted and talented students have attended this residential program in biology, chemistry and physics. As the program is highly selective, aspiring students must sit an exam in early November.

For further information visit the Gifted & Talented Discovery Program website

Sydney Science Experience

Year 10 and 11 students
See how CSI works in real life! Students are introduced to the applied science of forensics through a three-day intensive program. Students perform DNA, fingerprint and fibre analysis to solve a scientific ‘who-dun-it’.

For further information visit the Sydney Science Experience website

International Science School

Year 11 and 12 students
This two-week residential program is designed to challenge gifted students in the field of physics, with a particular focus on nanoscience. Held in the July holidays, students have the opportunity to meet experts in the field and extend their physics knowledge to the highest level.

For further information visit the International Science School website

Kickstart Science Workshops

Year 11 and 12 students
A program specifically designed to support students and teachers in their HSC study. Kickstart Science strengthens students’ understanding of key syllabus concepts by providing practical demonstrations with state of the art equipment. Workshops are offered in the areas Anatomy and Histology, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

For further information visit the Kickstart Science website

Hands-on Science and Mathematics

Get your students excited about science with scorpions, liquid nitrogen and Google algorithms! Activities are specifically targeted at particular age groups. Please consult the science outreach program website for further details.

Hands-on Science and Mathematics

Year 7 to 10 students (groups of 8 to 50)
An introduction to physics right in time for senior subject selection. Learn what the day-to-day work of a physicist involves through experiments, demonstrations and lectures. Please consult the science outreach program website for further details.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Talk

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Year 7 to 12 students
Australia’s favourite science presenter can speak to your students! Include a talk by Dr Karl as part of your next campus tour or have science come to your classroom via Skype. Be sure to book early as places are limited.

For more information visit the Faculty of Science website

Macleay Museum (Science)

All years
Students can spend time amongst Australia’s oldest collection of natural history. The Macleay Collection enables students to explore a unique snapshot of biodiversity up and close. Some of the most popular exhibits include a skeleton of the world’s smallest land mammal and a stowaway flea from Darwin’s ship!

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