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Making the jump from high school to university can be a daunting one - especially when combined with a move from interstate. Below you’ll find some information that will help your students understand more about applying, studying and enjoying university.

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) and its equivalents

The ATAR is the mark of overall achievement given to NSW and ACT Year 12 students.

The overall measures of achievement are the same for NSW, ACT, Victoria, NT, SA, WA and Tasmania. That means that an ATAR of 81.00 equals a TER of 81.00 and an ENTER of 81.00.

Your student’s application can be considered if they are eligible to be awarded the standard senior secondary qualification offered in your state as well as an overall result which is equivalent to the ATAR.

As an interstate applicant, they will have the same chance of being selected as a student from NSW with an equivalent overall result. The University does not prefer home state students over interstate students when offering places in its undergraduate courses. As an interstate applicant, they are eligible to apply for consideration under the University's Access Sydney schemes.


The Accommodation Information Service provides information about accommodation options for students, advice about how to search for accommodation, and useful resources for anyone that is new to Sydney.


The Scholarships Office administers scholarships for undergraduates, postgraduate coursework and postgraduate research students. There are over 700 scholarship schemes on offer and each year the University of Sydney gives out over $65 million in scholarships, not taking into consideration prizes or College and Sporting Scholarships.

Students who are considering relocating from interstate or regional areas for study may also be eligible for the Australian Government Relocation Scholarship.

IB diploma and NSW HSC comparison table

The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) offers a table that shows for each IB Diploma subject the comparable subject in the NSW HSC. To download this table go to the UAC website, scroll down to the headline 'How does UAC calculate the UAC rank from my IB results' and click 'Read the answer'.

New Zealand NCEA Level 3 students

Students in conversation

For students who have completed the NCEA Level 3, an Interstate Transfer Index (ITI) will be calculated by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), and provided to UAC; this will be used in the selection process, provided that you've fulfilled university entrance requirements as set by NZQA. This ITI is not reported by NZQA to applicants. Queries about this ITI and university entrance requirements should be made to NZQA.

Institutions may also take other criteria into account such as a portfolio, interview, audition, questionnaire or a test for certain courses either instead of, or together with, the ATAR. You can find details of any additional selection criteria in the course descriptions available through the Find a Course database.

NCEA / A Levels – Admissions

The table below provides a summary of the minimum overseas academic qualifications which are accepted by the University for the admission of domestic students into undergraduate courses. This information is intended as a guide only.

View list of recognised academic qualifications from overseas