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Upcoming Events

Careers Advisers and Teachers Conference – Friday 28 February 2014

At this conference, you’ll discover more about the University of Sydney and how best to assist students planning on pursuing tertiary education. You’ll have the opportunity to network with University staff and fellow careers advisers as well as hear from a diverse range of speakers such as James Alexander from incubate. A formal invitation will be sent in the next couple of weeks.

For more information and to register visit the Career advisers and Teachers' Conference Page.

Open Day 2014 – Saturday 30 August 2014

Open Day is a one-stop shop for students who are keen to discover more about the University. Students can talk to faculty representatives, career experts and admissions advisers and attend mini lectures about the range of courses we have to offer. There are also campus tours, seminars for parents and guardians and, of course, plenty of opportunity to explore the fun side of campus life.

Celebrating a Successful Info Day

The Mad Hatter tour on Info Day.

The Mad Hatter tour on Info Day.

While most University staff were taking a well-earned break over Christmas, the Student Recruitment and Admissions team, as well as some key representatives across the University, were hard at work ensuring our Info Day was a success.

Held on Friday 3 January, the event offered potential students the chance to seek information and advice, tour the campus and attend mini lectures on a variety of subjects before finalising their UAC preferences for the main-round offers. Over 60 student ambassadors were on hand to provide advice and take tours around the campus and high achieving students were welcomed by faculty deans and heads at a formal reception.

To view photos from this year’s event visit the Info Day webpage.

Say Hello to Uni Life

Keen to share the fun side of campus life with your students? With the largest clubs and societies program of any Australian university, as well as they country’s best student experience, the opportunities available at the University of Sydney extend far beyond the classroom.

This short video from the University of Sydney Student Union (USU) is a great resource to get your students excited about university.

Law Society Mock Trial Grand Final

Sydney Law School recently hosted the grand final of the Law Society of NSW Mock Trial Competition between Warners Bay High School and Chevalier College, Bowral.

The judging panel (which included Sydney Law School Dean, Professor Joellen Riley), named the team from Chevalier College as the winner and Mark Peters of Warners Bay High School as the best advocate. The renowned competition has been running since 1981 and is open to teams in years 10 or 11 and up to the age of 21. The Sydney Law School is the competition’s major sponsor, providing a monetary prize to the winning advocate.

Visit the Law Society of NSW website to find out more about the competition.

Arts - The Choice is Yours!

A Bachelor of Arts degree can open up a world of opportunities for students, helping them hone critical thinking skills and form articulate judgements based on argument and evidence.

Our Arts graduates are in high demand from a broad range of employers – and their career options are as varied and wide-ranging as the degree itself.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Duncan Ivison highlights ten ways the arts and social sciences can change the world in this his excellent article, helping you to answer questions and discuss possibilities with your students.

IN FOCUS: Design Computing

Interactive art at the Design Computing expo, Organised Cacophony

Interactive student work at The Rocks.

A recent study analysing the skills and employment history of 259 million LinkedIn members has revealed that 20 of the top 25 skills most in demand by employers in 2013 involved technology.

Social media marketing, mobile development and cloud distributed computing topped the list, which comes as no surprise to Dr Martin Tomitsch, Program Director of the Design Computing Program based in the Design Lab at the University of Sydney.

“Having followed this industry globally for 10 years now, it's exciting to see it take off here in Sydney and opening up a huge range of exciting job opportunities for creative students with an interest in new technologies,” Dr Tomitsch says.

Graduates from the program have found themselves in high demand as companies seek to offer more engaging and interactive customer experiences.

“In the Design Computing course, students learn about interaction design - which is about designing how people interact with new technologies like mobile apps, wearable devices or even physical smart objects. The degree covers technical skills with a different approach to IT, with a stronger focus on the design process and the aim to build prototypes of innovative ideas,” Dr Tomitsch says.

“Companies are now contacting us for students as early as second year, as our reputation for teaching this unique skill-set becomes increasingly known throughout the industry.”

You and your students can discover more about this exciting degree by watching the video below.

For further information visit the Design Computing webpage.

Nursing & Health Sciences

Australia has an enviable healthcare system, which employs 10% of our entire workforce. A career in the healthcare sector can offer students significant rewards such as diversity of work, transferrable skills, the chance to make a difference to people’s lives and the opportunity to work overseas.

There is an increased demand for heath care professionals due to increased life expectancy, the rise of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity and the need to address health concerns in rural areas, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and low-income countries.

The University of Sydney offers a variety of degrees suited to students interested in a career in healthcare. The Bachelor of Health Sciences is a generalist degree that’s fantastic preparation for a corporate role in health or research as well as a pathway to becoming a practising health professional such as a physiotherapist or an exercise psychologist.

The Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) may also be of interest to your students. The program is open to high achieving students and provides knowledge and skills in evidence-based health care, research, international health and leadership. The first cohort of students in this new program will graduate this year. The program provides a strong foundation for professional nursing practice with a focus on leadership, evidence-based practice, research and international health.