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Take the lead

Great minds challenge, they ask questions, and they explore new and exciting possibilities. But most of all, they never stop learning. At the University of Sydney, we inspire and encourage your people to think differently – to develop new ideas that will help your organisation take the lead.

We provide the perfect environment for personal and professional development, helping your employees realise their potential and inspiring them to make a difference to your organisation. Take the lead and connect with the University of Sydney today.

Coursework programs

Whatever the length or subject, our programs challenge thinking and encourage your people to develop new ideas and alternative perspectives. Our options range from flexible non-award courses through to full degrees.

Master's degrees

Our master's students develop top-level skills in analysis, critical evaluation and professional application. Their advanced knowledge of a specialised area equips them to think rigorously and independently in order to solve complex problems.

Graduate diplomas and graduate certificates

These courses are shorter than master's programs, so they are ideal for people who want to undertake a short academic course for career reasons. We motivate our participants to build on the knowledge they have acquired from their undergraduate education, and enhance the vocational skills they have gained in their professional area of expertise.

Non-award units of study

This option enables students to complete individual units of study without having to enrol in a degree program. By learning in a specialised area directly related to their profession, students can update their knowledge and enhance their career opportunities. It's also a great way to try out a potential area of further study.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Our programs cover architecture, dentistry, law, medicine, social work, teaching, veterinary science though our faculty-specific continuing professional development courses.

Our Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) provides another option. The centre is a leading provider of professional education to the corporate sector, and offers a number of generalist and discipline-specific courses. It specialises in the areas of business and management.

Professional qualifications

Some professions require people to register with a specific professional body for accreditation to practise. Examples include architecture, engineering, law, nursing and pharmacy, just to name a few.

A number of our courses are registered with peak professional bodies, which enables your people to acquire the precise skills they will need to practise in these areas, develop useful contacts with key organisations and learn from industry leaders.

Flexible learning options

Balancing education, work and life can be difficult. This is why we offer flexibility in completing our courses. With two intakes each year and selected courses available online, part-time or via intensive modes, students can choose to learn where and when it suits them and their organisation.


The federal government offers help for professionals who decide to study to support their work. Eligible students can get a loan from the government to help pay part or all of their tuition fees. It's possible to borrow up to the amount of the tuition fee being charged per unit of study.

Find out more about FEE-HELP at the federal government's Study Assist website.

Resources for HR professionals

  • The Careers Centre offers a range of services to help employers connect with University of Sydney students.
  • SydneyTalent connects graduates with employers for part-time and full-time employment.

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If you would like to find out more about taking the lead, please contact us on 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864) or ask a question online.