Meet our academics

We attract some of the best academics in the world to Sydney: people whose brilliance, passion and academic rigour drives them to make a difference in their area of expertise. That’s why they make great teachers.

Sydney minds are making a difference wherever you look. You can meet a few of them below.

Professor Liaquat Hossain

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

Professor Hossain believes that teamwork and coordination within organisations are essential for rapid responses during a disaster.

Professor Deborah Bunker

The University of Sydney Business School

Professor Bunker argues that when disaster strikes, communications between agencies and real-time information are critical for responding effectively.

Associate Professor Alex Chaves

Faculty of Veterinary Science

Associate Professor Chaves is tackling climate change, by improving livestock feed to reduce methane emissions.

Photo of Professor Rosemary Lyster

Professor Rosemary Lyster

Sydney Law School

"The postgraduate Environmental Law program at Sydney Law School is one of the largest in the world. It gives international and domestic students the opportunity to learn from experts in climate change, international law, planning and assessment, natural resource management (including water), heritage and biodiversity."

Associate Professor Richard Miles

Associate Professor Richard Miles

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Department of Classics and Ancient History

"I like the combination of a prestigious past and cutting-edge future at Sydney. Like Cambridge, the University of Sydney doesn't rest on its laurels but is always striving to remain at the forefront of teaching and research."

Photo of Penny O'Donnell

Dr Penny O'Donnell

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Department of Media and Communications

"What needs to shift is our notion of freedom of expression, which has always been focused on talking, on speech, and not on listening."