Meet our students

Our students enjoy access to the latest thinking, are encouraged to express themselves and are inspired to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Photo of John Fraser Mifsud Photo of Andrew Daly Photo of Hira Saud

"Discipline, structure, creative thinking and confidence allowed me to grow exponentially."
John Fraser-Mifsud
Master of Design Science (Honours)

"During my master's degree I used my skills at one of Sydney's leading architectural practices. I now have the knowledge and experience to fulfil my potential as an architect and designer."
Andrew Daly
Master of Architecture

"If you enjoy working with patients, including children and adults, and are willing to put in a bit of hard work, then this course is for you! I really enjoyed the practical side of the master's degree, such as going out on clinical placements."
Hira Saud
Master of Orthoptics

Photo of Josh Robertsen Photo of Jenna Cave Photo of Adam Russoniello

"I chose Sydney based on the calibre of its teaching staff. Unlike other programs, which 'invite' industry guests along for the occasional lecture, industry professionals and world-leading academics teach the subjects for this degree. The reputation of the University of Sydney Business School and the knowledge I’ve gained have already allowed me to complete research for a top retailer, providing valuable insights and recommendations."
Josh Robertsen
Master of Marketing

"Music is a discipline in which there is always more to learn. After I had finished my undergraduate music studies at ANU I felt like I was just at the beginning of my musical journey, and there was so much more I wanted to learn. After 18 months of working I missed the luxury of being able to focus on music. While undertaking an Master of Music I’ve been able to work on my composing full-time. And with the help of a UPA Research scholarship I have been able to support myself in the process."
Jenna Cave
Master of Music (Composition), Sydney Conservatorium of Music

"I cannot overstate the importance of the Sydney Law School’s global perspective when it comes to the vibrancy of law school culture, fostering critical legal thinking, and the opportunities for personal and professional development."
Adam Russoniello
Master of Laws (LLM)