Meet our research candidates

When you undertake your research with us, you become part of a community where people are valued for their diversity – where new ideas and unique perspectives are always welcome.

The University is currently home to 50,000 students – more than 33,000 undergraduate students and 16,000 postgraduate students – and we welcome about 24 percent from other countries, making this a truly international environment.

What our students all have in common is a thirst for knowledge and a passion for challenging that knowledge. We also value teamwork as highly as knowledge, and our students work together to enhance their learning experience.

At the University of Sydney you enjoy access to the latest thinking and are encouraged to express yourself. Our teachers along with fellow research candidates will inspire you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Photo of Christopher Neff Photo of Anlison Evans Photo of Claire O'Reilly

"The central question is how do governments develop public policies to protect endangered sharks when the sharks may harm the public."
Christopher Neff
PhD candidate, Government and International Relations

"My research looks at performance-related disorders in wind musicians. I hope it will help students and teachers understand the function of the soft palate and raise awareness, so that future pedagogy can optimise performance and prevent injuries."
Alison Evans
PhD candidate, School of Public Health

"I decided to do a PhD to broaden my career options, challenge myself and follow my passion in the area of mental health. I developed an interest in the mental health field, which led me to the decision to start my PhD to research improving mental health services provided through community pharmacy and to develop and evaluate new training and education programs for pharmacists and pharmacy students in the area of mental health."
Claire O'Reilly
PhD candidate, Faculty of Pharmacy