Mature-Age Entry Scheme

The Mature Age Entry Scheme is an avenue for entry into the University of Sydney for people of at least 21 years of age who would not normally qualify for admission.

You are eligible to apply for the Mature-Age Entry Scheme if you fit all of the following criteria:

  • you are 21 years of age or older on 1 March of the year you intend to commence tertiary study;
  • you do not have the required ATAR (or equivalent result in another secondary qualification) for admission to any course;
  • you do not have a record of tertiary study; and
  • you have completed an approved preparation course. These usually run for one year, starting at the beginning of the first semester or TAFE academic year, but in some cases they can be completed in six months.

You are ineligible for the Mature-Age Entry Scheme if you fit any of the below criteria:

  • you achieved an ATAR score of 70.00 or greater in the NSW HSC examinations or equivalent;
  • you completed a TAFE (or accredited private college) diploma or advanced diploma; or
  • you have a university record of one or more full-time years (or equivalent).

Got a question about eligibility?

If you’re unsure whether you meet or do not meet any of the above criteria, please contact the Special Admissions office on to seek advice.

What preparation courses are on offer?

Unless you already hold ‘qualifications’ that entitle you to be considered for standard admission, Mature-Age preparation courses are the key to Mature-Age entry at the University of Sydney. Applications for entry through the Mature-Age Entry Scheme can only be made on the basis of preparation courses completed within the past two years. The courses recognized by the University in this regard are:

  • the Diploma of Tertiary Preparation - Tertiary Preparation courses (also known as University Preparation courses, Mature Age Preparation courses) are the key to gaining entry to the University of Sydney and other participating Universities. Tertiary Preparation courses also provide access to career opportunities that would otherwise require a Year 12 qualification. Gain entry to University the smart way with Tertiary Preparation courses in Sydney at the University of Sydney community college;
  • the Tertiary Preparation Certificate offered by TAFE;
  • the University Preparation Program offered by UNSW; and
  • the Open Foundation course offered by the University of Newcastle.

After I complete a preparation course, will I be eligible to apply for any course at the University?

Most, but not all, courses are available to applicants seeking admission on the basis of a preparation course result.

Direct entry via this scheme can be made to any undergraduate course bar the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Languages);
  • Any of the Combined Law degrees;
  • Any of the Combined Medicine degrees;
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (Advanced);
  • Bachelor of Information Technology;
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy;
  • Bachelor of Psychology;
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced);
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics); and
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

For more information on the courses available, download our Mature-Age Entry Scheme brochure (PDF, 470KB). If you wish to study a course not available for entry through this scheme, you may be able to start another course and transfer to your preferred course after completing one full-time year of study by transferring. If you intend on such you should seek advice from our Admissions Office prior to applying for a preparation course.

I have completed a preparation course, now how do I apply for entry to the University?

As a mature-age applicant, you need only to apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) to be considered. To be considered for admission in January you need apply through UAC by the end of September of the previous year. If you are undertaking your preparation course when UAC applications are scheduled to close and are scheduled to complete it prior to January, you can apply to UAC based on your expected preparation course results (similar to the process for HSC students who apply in September and complete their exams in November).

Further information

Please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

Admissions Office
Level 4, Jane Foss Russell Building (G02)
The University of Sydney
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T 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864) (in Australia)) or +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)
Alternatively, you can ask a question online.