How to defer (take a gap year)

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Please note: if you have received a July offer for Semester 2, you don't have the option of deferring your studies.

If you plan to take a gap year and you wish to defer starting your course (to guarantee your place for 2015 and protect yourself against a rise in ATAR cut-offs), you need to submit an online deferment application form after you receive your UAC offer.

Please submit your application once only. You will be notified by email when your request for deferment has been granted.

Deferment is usually for 12 months. Deferments of less or more than 12 months may be available.

For more information visit the Deferment Q&A website.

How to take up your deferment

During your gap year you will need to submit a new UAC application for 2015 in August/September 2014 to keep your deferred place.