Costs, fees and financial support

Going to university is a big commitment in many ways, not least financially. These pages explain how much you will have to contribute to the cost of your education, as well as what your living costs are likely to be.

However, you shouldn’t let the cost of study deter you. If you do come to study at Sydney, there’s plenty of support once you get here. We have bursaries and scholarships to help students in financial need and reward academic excellence. Our support includes bursaries specifically designed to help first-year students with the costs of coming to uni.

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The fees you pay at the University of Sydney can be divided into three main types:

Most University of Sydney undergraduates are Commonwealth-supported students, which means the federal government funds part of your tuition costs and you pay a ‘top up’ amount through a student contribution.

If you are an Australian citizen or hold a permanent humanitarian visa, you are eligible for HECS-HELP (the federal government’s Higher Education Loan Program). This means you can choose to either pay your student contribution upfront with a 10 percent discount (‘HECS-HELP discount’), or defer all or part of your contribution through the Australian Taxation Office (‘HECS-HELP loan’). Essentially, you only start repaying this loan when you earn over a certain amount.

To work out how much your units of study will cost for a Commonwealth-supported student you will need to know:

  • the unit of study name or
  • the unit of study code (or digit)

2013 student contribution rates

Band Area of study 2013 Contribution
1 Humanities, behavioural science, social studies, education (see note), clinical psychology (see note), foreign languages, visual and performing arts, nursing (see note) $5868
2 Mathematics, statistics, computing, built environments, other health, science, engineering, surveying, agriculture $8363
3 Law, accounting, administration, economics, commerce, dentistry, medicine, veterinary science $9792


2014 student contribution rates

Band Area of study 2014 Contribution
1 Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Social Studies, Education (see note) Clinical Psychology (see note), Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts, Nursing (see notes) $6044
2 Mathematics, Statistics, Computing, Built Environment, Other Health, Science, Engineering, Surveying, Agriculture $8613
3 Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science $10085



  • Education and Nursing units of study: Those students who commenced their Commonwealth supported course prior to 1 January 2010 will be charged the maximum annual student contrinution amount of $4,836 for Education and Nursing units of study.
  • Clinical psychology units of study: In 2014, most clinical psychology units of study will be charged at the Band 3 student contribution rate of $10,085 except the unit of study PSYC6032, which will be charged at the Band 2 rate of $8,613.