Financial support

Going to university is a big financial commitment, but don’t let the cost of study deter you. At the University of Sydney we can help you in many ways. There are five main avenues of financial support available to you. It’s helpful to think of them separately, as each has a different timeline and application process.


There are many University of Sydney and faculty scholarships. You need to apply for most of these by September of the year before your course starts. While you're at uni, there are ongoing scholarships you can apply for too. You can find information of the following websites:


Next, you need to pay for your course fees at the start of semester. As a Commonwealth-supported student, the federal government will pay a large portion of your course fees. If you’re eligible, you can access HECS-HELP assistance – where you either pay upfront with a 10 percent HECS-HELP discount or obtain a full or part HECS-HELP loan. If you obtain a HECS-HELP loan, you will start repaying it when your income is above a certain amount (the 2013 minimum threshold is $49,096).


You also need to pay the Student Services and Amenities (SSA) fee at the start of semester. This has an annual limit of $273 in 2013, indexed annually thereafter. If eligible, you can obtain an SA-HELP loan from the government.


The first thing is to check whether you’re eligible for a Centrelink allowance or scholarship. We recommend that you start investigating this at least six months before your uni course starts.

Financial Assistance Service

If you need help later on, we offer bursaries (payments for students in need), interest-free loans and emergency financial help, which you can apply for at any time during your studies.