Meet our students


"The E12 scheme definitely helped me to get in. Having the early conditional offer made me work a bit harder, because I knew I would definitely have something if I got a certain mark."
Alice's journey


"Even if you don’t think you will be successful, apply for it anyway! E12 puts your mind at ease before the HSC."
Caitlin's journey


"E12 is a great scholarship to apply for. It lowers the ATAR cut-off for your chosen course, aids financially and provides an ACCESS membership, setting you up with discounts around the University."
Chloe's journey


"The E12 scholarship has helped me to break social barriers and access the full range of opportunities the University of Sydney has to offer."
Jared's journey


"Having endured personal struggles during Year 12, which impacted on my HSC at times, the E12 scheme helped me to achieve my goals and will continue to do so for many other students. "
Jayde's journey


"I've found the whole E12 package a really good introduction to uni. It broke the ice to begin with, and even now it keeps me motivated."
Karim's journey


"I wanted to come to university and achieve my full potential in terms of balancing study, extra-curricular involvements and real world experience."
Laurie's journey


"The E12 scheme has helped me and others ease into such a different educational environment, making the university experience easier and more fun."
Sean's journey


"The E12 scholarship helped me gain entry into a fantastic degree and helped me to flourish at the University of Sydney through guidance from my mentors and the E12 support staff." Victoria's journey