Meet our students


"The University of Sydney has one of the best reputations in Australia. That was a big factor in my choice to study here – knowing that I’d be getting a great education."
Aaron's journey


"The E12 scheme really sees you as a whole person, rather than just as a number. This is one of the best opportunities I’ve come across, and one of the smartest things I’ve ever done."
Claire's journey


"The E12 scheme has been really helpful in getting me used to the whole idea of uni before I actually start – it would’ve been quite challenging without that support."
Hung's journey


"I think the fact that the E12 scheme looks beyond just your ATAR at other things that can happen in your life is really good."
Jake's journey


"Uni has a way different vibe from school – it’s like a whole new start. And studying something I’m so passionate about has just been the best thing."
Justice's journey


"I've found the whole E12 package a really good introduction to uni. It broke the ice to begin with, and even now it keeps me motivated."
Karim's journey


"Coming from a small town so far away from Sydney would’ve been a challenge without the support of the E12 scheme."
Kathryn's journey


"I think it’s important to look at the reasons someone wants to go to uni, and their capacity to do well there."
Lauren's journey


"It really opened up my options, and made aiming for Sydney Uni a real possibility. Coming from a small town, that was a big opportunity."
Taneika's journey