Meet our students


"The E12 scheme definitely helped me to get in. Having the early conditional offer made me work a bit harder, because I knew I would definitely have something if I got a certain mark."
Alice's journey


"I really wanted to be able to focus on my studies rather than also having to find a part-time job, and the financial support of the E12 scheme has enabled me to do that."
Denise's journey


"I really wanted to come to Sydney Uni, because it has the best science courses and is just one of the most prestigious universities."
David's journey


"The E12 scheme has been really helpful in getting me used to the whole idea of uni before I actually start – it would’ve been quite challenging without that support."
Hung's journey


"I think the fact that the E12 scheme looks beyond just your ATAR at other things that can happen in your life is really good."
Jake's journey


"I've found the whole E12 package a really good introduction to uni. It broke the ice to begin with, and even now it keeps me motivated."
Karim's journey


"Coming from a small town so far away from Sydney would’ve been a challenge without the support of the E12 scheme."
Kathryn's journey


"The resources I need for my course are quite expensive and the scholarship money has really helped a lot with those costs."
Suzie's journey


"The E12 scheme has been fantastic. It’s given me an opportunity that wasn’t necessarily available to me before, and really broken down some of the social barriers that you can have going in to uni." Rebecca's journey