Aaron Hook – Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Aaron Hook

Growing up on the Central Coast and in Taree, Aaron Hook loved computer science and hoped to go on and study it at university. He had his sights set on a regional university, never expecting to get in to Sydney. But the E12 scheme changed his plans, giving him access to an education he’d never thought would be available to him.

"My computer science teacher from high school, Mrs Westley, inspired me to study computing at university. Having her as a teacher in Year 8 was what first got me into computers.

She was also the inspiration for me and a group of other students at my school to design a web page to promote a more environmentally friendly school. We won first prize for that in the Connected Learning Initiative Competition. And she supervised a school project I took part in to design a computer game for the kids at my school to be more aware of the dangers of drugs.

I love everything to do with programming and writing code, and I’d always hoped to go on to uni – but not to Sydney, because I didn’t think I’d get in.

But the E12 scheme recognises things outside just your ATAR. I’ve always been really involved in community activities – when I was younger I was a member of the Scouts, and later Venturers, and then when I was older worked for four years at McDonalds, helping out with community events like McHappy Day. It was great that I could show all of that to the E12 people.

My mum works in aged care and my dad is a farmer. Although Mum went to uni, it wasn’t really a common thing in my family – nobody else went. But I’d always hoped to go.

The University of Sydney has one of the best reputations in Australia. That was a big factor in my choice to study here – knowing I’d be getting a great education. But I probably would never have got here if it wasn’t for the E12 scheme.”

The support we’ve received so far has been really helpful. The orientation day gave us a good overview of the campus – so I know where I’m going now!

We also met some of the staff from our faculty, so we could get to know a few of the faces we’ll be seeing around once we start uni.

I’m really looking forward to making new friends, and the independence of moving away from home for the first time and starting something new.

My family are really proud that I’ve got in to Sydney Uni. They’re a bit sad to see me go, but they’re also really pleased and happy for me."