Caitlin Stutsel – Bachelor of Social Work

Caitlin Stutsel

The E12 program has helped Caitlin Stutsel adjust to university life, and balance her work and study commitments. She’s just started her first year of Bachelor of Social Work, and is already excited about postgraduate study.

I wanted to study at the University of Sydney because I felt it would be the right institution for me to further my studies, and to help build the foundations of my future career. My course at Sydney is innovative and interesting, with the flexibility to choose units as well as have core units.

The E12 Scholarship has helped me with my learning and study, has enabled me to start paying off my degree (which is extremely useful for a student with a minimum wage job), benefits, enrolment guidance and help, and also has given me the opportunity to meet other students within the scheme and in my faculty.

University definitely is more flexible than high school and enables you freedom in terms of attendance, what you study etc. This doesn't mean that university is easier than high school – especially in your first year, transitioning from high school can be challenging. I definitely feel that E12 helped make that transition a little bit easier.

I live off-campus. Travelling to and from university is a bit hectic at times, but you really get to know the area, and the travel time allows you to catch up on work, read, or sleep (which is my favourite thing to do really).

My favourite subject is Indigenous Studies. It extends on the knowledge that students may already know, and introduces interesting ideas, concepts, stories and truths of Indigenous communities and history.

Once I graduate from my undergraduate degree, I hope to return to do my Masters. I plan to see myself working as soon as possible in whichever field I decide to go into - there is so many options and it is impossible to choose right now!

Even if you don’t think you will be successful, apply for it anyway! E12 puts your mind at ease before the HSC.”