Chloe Carter – Bachelor of Science

Chloe Carter

Previous Year 12 students introduced Chloe to the E12 scheme. Growing up in the NSW coastal town of Moruya, Chloe found the scheme was helpful in achieving early entry into university, which allowed her additional time to organise accommodation and work before relocating to Sydney.

“My parents both studied at the University of Sydney and because of this we often visited the campus when we travelled to Sydney for family trips.

The E12 scholarship provided a sense of security when I sat for my HSC exams. It was helpful in achieving an early entry and securing my place at the University of Sydney, so I could organise accommodation and work earlier. The E12 scheme has helped with finances, and the iPad is great for assessments and taking to lectures.

It’s a great scholarship to apply for. It lowers the ATAR requirement for your chosen course, aids financially and provides an ACCESS membership, setting you up with discounts around the University.

The process of applying for E12 is simple. It also helps you set up a good resume, which is extremely useful when searching for employment during university.

The Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney has many great assets, including the new Nanoscience Hub providing great opportunities for learning. I would like to expand my knowledge of Science and gain skills to peruse a career in this field. I am interested in chemistry and the Bachelor of Science allows me to explore the different pathways so I can chose to major in something I am passionate about."