David Duruchukwu – Bachelor of Science

David Duruchukwu

David Duruchukwu’s ultimate goal is to become a neurosurgeon, and having just completed his first semester of a science degree, he’s already on his way. Judging by his mum’s pride in his achievements so far, he’ll have quite a family celebration to look forward to when he eventually reaches his goal.

"My mum is definitely proud of me for getting in to Sydney Uni – she’s told so many people! When I first got in I got random calls from people I haven’t spoken to in years, congratulating me for getting in!

"I’d always planned to apply to uni, because it’s the only option to do what I want to do – become a neurosurgeon. It’s a field that takes a lot of skill and effort to become qualified in, but once I get there I think it will be a really fulfilling field to work in. I like the idea of doing something that involves helping people. I’d like to practise first, and then maybe once I’ve reached a certain stage of experience I’d like to get involved in research. Ultimately I’d love to have an opportunity to contribute to the development of the field.

"I really wanted to come to Sydney Uni, because it has the best science courses and is just one of the most prestigious universities. The E12 scheme’s early conditional offer gave me the motivation to make sure I got in – it actually made me work harder. I think it’s definitely a good system.

"The fact that it looks beyond just your ATAR is great, too. At my high school there were a lot of extracurricular activities, and I was one of those people who got into sport a lot. I did athletics, AFL and rugby league, and I played basketball at state level. It was good to be able to tell them about all that in my E12 interview, rather than them only being interested in my final ATAR.

"The financial support has definitely helped. Just travelling to uni by train from home in Fairfield costs about $25 a week, so that E12 scholarship money has been very helpful! And the Access card has been really good that way too.

"First semester was definitely harder than I’d expected, but I had five exams and I passed them all – some more surprisingly than others! And now I know what to expect and how hard I need to work, so I’ll do even better next semester. I’m pretty psyched about next semester actually. I’m going to be taking molecular biology, which is really relevant to the major I want to focus on, so that should be really interesting.

"One of the best things about uni is the flexibility. Things like being able to access your lectures online are really helpful – especially when you need to fit uni around a job as well.

"And the support of the E12 scheme has definitely been very, very helpful – especially for people like me, coming from a lower socioeconomic suburb. It encourages you to work harder to make sure you get in. I think it will encourage more people to come to Sydney Uni."