Jared Hermogenes – Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)

Jared Hermogenes

After migrating from the Philippines to Australia in late 2011, Jared completed his HSC at Alexandria Park Community School. Permanent residency status meant Jared was not eligible to apply for government assistance to finance tertiary study. The E12 scheme has provided the financial support to enable him to fulfil his goal of studying Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney.

“The E12 scholarship has done more than open the door for me to tertiary education. It has helped me to break social barriers and access the full range of opportunities the University of Sydney has to offer.

E12 is a fantastic scheme and I would recommend all eligible students to give it a shot! The E12 scholarship built up my confidence to pursue personal aspirations and was also a reward for the hard work I have put in these past few years through my study and extracurricular activities. I’m confident that the E12 scheme will continue to change lives just like it has changed mine!

In studying speech pathology, I aspire to enrich my understanding of verbal, interpersonal communication to help people with migrant experiences, or those with speaking impediments. I wish to learn ways to support people with difficulties expressing themselves so that everyone will have the opportunity to talk confidently and clearly.

Although a relatively young field of science, Speech Pathology has already helped change the lives of those who feel marginalised because of their speaking skills. I’d like to see myself as either a practising speech pathologist or participating in research for stuttering or regional accents. Either way, my goal is to help others foster a self-assured, positive perception of their ability to engage actively in a conversation. I firmly believe that this will improve the quality of life not just for the speaker themselves, but also their families and the wider community. I’m excited to see where my degree will take me!”