Jayde Tourneur – Bachelor of Combined Law and Commerce

Jayde Tourneur

With a passion for learning about the world, Jayde has always aspired to study at the University of Sydney. But having endured personal struggles during Year 12 which impacted on her HSC, she wasn’t sure this would be within reach. With the support of the E12 scheme, Jayde is now fulfilling her dream to study Law at Sydney.

“I am an energetic and driven girl who loves to defy expectations – anything is possible if you put your mind to it! I love learning random facts about the world and having educated discussions about world issues.

For nine years I have aspired to study at the University of Sydney, as I believe it encompasses such a wide range of opportunities for students. I particularly love the abundance of extra-curricular activities and dynamic atmosphere, which ensures students feel comfortable and included. Further to this, I have always been in awe of the versatility of degrees and majors, which give students opportunity to serve the community in many different ways.

I heard about the E12 scheme through my school’s career adviser, who recognised my circumstances and recommended the program to me. Having endured personal struggles during Year 12, which impacted on my HSC at times, the E12 scheme helped me to achieve my goals and will continue to do so for many other students.

The scholarship has helped me tremendously! Without it I would not have been able to fulfil my dreams to study Law at the University of Sydney. The scholarship funds will prove very helpful in paying for university expenses, including textbooks and travel.

My number one aspiration is to succeed in my degree and become an expert in my field so I can go on to become a successful commercial lawyer. However, it is equally important to me to encompass all of the opportunities that Sydney Uni life has to offer. In particular, I want to join groups such as the Sydney University Law Society and make new friends who share common interests.

When I graduate I hope to see myself with an abundance of new knowledge, important life and industry experience, and expertise. I also hope to see myself with a group of good friends and a job offer!”