Laurie Yatuc – Bachelor of Commerce

Laurie Yatuc

Student Ambassadors of the University first introduced Laurie to the E12 scheme during a school visit. When faced with some uncertainties about getting into uni, Laurie’s school principal encouraged him to give it a go and shared her study experience with him.

"I never really thought I had a good chance of getting in until I was recommended by my principal at the time (she is a graduate of the University of Sydney). The main things that were really awesome were the early conditional offer before going into my HSC exams paired with the lower ATAR requirement for my selected course. This really eased the pressure of going into my HSC exams, as I knew I could potentially have a place at the University of Sydney if I reached the E12 ATAR.

The E12 scholarship provides you with the best foundation to start university and the application is all about you. The University wants to see the type of person you are as a whole, not just based on the marks you produce in exams.

The E12 Scholarship made a major contribution to my transition from high school to university. With the monetary benefits I was able to establish myself when starting university, purchase textbooks and adjust to the additional living expenses such as travel costs.

I wanted to come to university and achieve my full potential in terms of balancing study, extra-curricular involvements and real world experience. I got involved in a mentoring program and a special ‘E12 Lunch’ that allowed me to meet students in similar situations and make friends before the semester had even started.

I hope to find a career where I can utilise a synergy of both my accounting and HR perspectives. Possibly a consulting role where I can apply my technical knowledge as well as utilise my ability to effectively interact with those around me. Perhaps the job I want doesn’t have a title yet. But at least I know when I graduate I will have the relevant skills to apply to any situation.”