Sean Tran – Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education: Mathematics)/Bachelor of Science

Sean Tran

Sean was on the lookout for scholarships to assist him during his university life when he came across the E12 scheme. Sean's high school was listed on the E12 Identified Schools List, meaning he was automatically eligible to apply. After reading what this Scheme provided, he thought it would have been remiss of him not to give it a go.

“I am an aspiring high school mathematics teacher as a result of my love for maths. During my school life, people would say maths was such a ’bad’ subject, driving me to want to change these kinds of perceptions about mathematics in future generations.

The E12 scholarship has helped me financially, covering the costs of expensive resources and course fees. But what is greater than the financial benefits is the fact that this scheme has helped me and others ease into such a different educational environment, making the university experience easier and more fun.

High school students should definitely apply. It gives you more confidence and certainty as to whether you will be enrolled into a degree, and provides a goal for you to reach to cement your place in a university.

In the future I see myself as a successful high school teacher, proud to have graduated with a degree from the University of Sydney, teaching, inspiring and shaping students as one of their role models.”