Victoria Boulton – Bachelor of Commerce

Victoria Boulton

Victoria Boulton has embraced her new life as a university student, getting involved with clubs and societies and making the most of E12’s support network. The Bachelor of Commerce and the Business School’s extracurricular activities have her on track to a career in marketing.

“The E12 scholarship helped me gain entry into a fantastic degree and helped me to flourish at the University of Sydney through guidance from my mentors and the E12 support staff.

Having an early offer for a competitive degree like the Bachelor of Commerce definitely reduced my stress levels during the final HSC exams, which was an invaluable opportunity. I intend to spend my scholarship funds on an exchange or an overseas placement for the Industry Placement Program (IPP).

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about uni life is that the tutors don't help students like they do in high school. However, from my first tutorial I was made aware that the lecturers all have additional consultation hours which you can go to if you are having trouble. The PASS Program which is run by the Business School also provides extra support similar to tutoring.

Before starting university, I was worried that it would be hard to make friends. However, I’ve met some amazing new friends through initial E12 activities, O Week and in tutorials. I also found there are many social sports on offer which anyone can learn and join!

I’ve also enjoyed joining clubs and societies and meeting new people who share my interests. These range from career development societies such as the Sydney Marketing Society and Sydney Uni Business Society, to some fun societies such as ChocSoc!

My favourite class is Principles of Marketing - the lectures and tutorials are highly interesting and exciting! I have never left a marketing lecture without laughing and was even sad when I had to miss a lecture!

I would most definitely encourage other high school students to apply for E12. The HSC is a difficult year and to not have the added stress of not having a conditionally secured place at the end is a blessing. The financial help and additional support has made for a smooth transition from high school to university which I am extremely thankful to have received.

When I graduate, I’d like to work for a large organisation in their marketing department – either in Sydney or overseas!”