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E12 Applications are now open for 2019 intake

Thank you for your interest in our E12 scheme. Applications for the 2019 E12 intake are now open! Applications for 2019 entry via E12 are accepted via UAC's Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) - you must apply for SRS, select the course you'd like to be considered for under E12 as your top University of Sydney preference, AND upload the answers to the 3 E12 questions in the SRS system.

We know an ATAR score may not always reflect your ability to do well at university or your interest or skills in a particular area. E12 is your chance to show us what makes you unique.

Your application for E12, via UAC's SRS portal, is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself and what motivates you. When you apply for E12 via the SRS portal you will need to upload a completed version of this document, answering three (3) questions of 200 words each (maximum word limit). As long as you are eligible for E12, this document will be considered alongside the ratings your principals will give, and your performance at school, in determining whether you will be given a conditional E12 offer.

For more hints and tips and information on the application process, visit our how to apply page.

How does E12 work?

  • After you’ve checked that you meet the eligibility criteria, talk to your principal about whether they are prepared to recommend you for E12.
  • You can then apply via UAC's School Recommendation Scheme (SRS) portal, uploading your answers to the 3 E12 questions prior to submitting. A selection panel will review your application and you may be asked to attend an interview for some courses.
  • If your application is successful, you will receive an early conditional offer. Then, as long as you meet the E12 lower ATAR requirement, have completed any relevant subjects to any required level, and have, if applicable, been assessed as having experienced financial hardship by UAC (via EAS), you will receive a formal offer through UAC for the E12 course you have chosen to be considered for in December Round 2.
E12 student

How many courses can I apply for entry to under E12?

Each applicant for E12 (administered via UAC's Schools Recommendations Schemes) who has uploaded their answers to the 3 E12 questions in the SRS systemwill only be considered for E12 entry for ONE course. This course will be the top E12-eligible University of Sydney preference in your list of UAC preferences as at 11:59pm on 28 September 2018. That is, you will only be considered for one (1) course in terms of entry under E12. If you have no E12-eligible courses in your UAC preferences as at 11:59pm on 28 September 2018, you will not be considered for entry under E12.

If I'm successful, can I defer my E12 place?

If you are successful in securing an E12 unconditional offer, it is possible to retain the E12 scholarship and place if you decide to defer for one year. You will need to defer your place formally through the appropriate process, and deferral can be for a maximum of one year.

What will I be asked in the application?

In UAC's SRS application form you will be asked to provide some personal information (name, BOSTES number), some contact details and you must upload the answers to the 3 E12 questions in the SRS system which are:

1. Other than your regular schoolwork, consider activities you have been involved in, or achievements you have made, which are meaningful to you. These could be sports, cultural, community or school leadership activities. Select the one which best reflects you and describe why you undertook this activity, what you learned from it, and how it may be relevant to your future.

2. What are your three best academic achievements? Of these, select your proudest achievement and describe why it is important to you, describing the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

3. Tell us why you want to study the course you have chosen, (include any experience you may have had that relates to this course). What is your interest in this area and what do you hope to achieve from studying this course?

Your application will then be assessed on all these elements, as well as the supporting application by your principal.

Indigenous student

A message to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

E12 is an admission pathway to study at the University of Sydney and fulfil your educational aspirations and goals. Another option is our Cadigal Program.

If you are interested in E12, talk to your Aboriginal Education or Liaison Officer and school principal about applying.

We believe that your community involvement and activities outside of school tell us just as much about you as your exam results, so please share this in your E12 application.

Communicating with your school

During the E12 application process, we will ask you to give your consent to allow us to contact your school principal or other relevant staff.

This is because we may need to speak to them to discuss or confirm details in your application. We also need to let them know if your application has been successful.

Please note that if you do not give this consent, we will not be able to process your application.