Engineering and Technology

Engineering student

Bachelor of Engineering (Flexible First Year)

One year full-time
UAC code: 511756

If you’re thinking of studying engineering or IT at Sydney but you’re unsure what area you’d like to specialise in, our Flexible First Year gives you the freedom of choice and time to discover where your true strengths and interests are in engineering and IT. Flexible First Year allows you to transfer at the end of Semester 1, or at the end of your first year, to one of the many specialisations we offer. We keep all your options open, so you can change direction without affecting the duration of your course.

E12 entrants to Flexible First Year are guaranteed articulation to Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, or the BST (Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology). You can transfer to a course with a higher ATAR admission in second year, depending on your ATAR and academic performance in your first year. Generally, you will need a credit average (65 percent) for ATAR courses in the low 90s range and a distinction average (75 percent) for those in the high 90s range. If you have already achieved the required ATAR for a course, then entry into that course is assured.

Detailed course information

E12 ATAR (or equivalent IB score): 80.00

Course requirements:
Mathematics (not General), or equivalent IB subject.

Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology

Three years full-time
UAC code: 511795

The Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (BCST) will prepare you to work at the cutting edge of information technology. After you have completed core studies in programming, databases, systems analysis, and professional IT practice, you will pursue a course of study along one of two streams: information systems or computer science.

The information systems stream comprises the study of the direct application of software design and development to the business domain. You will gain an understanding of the principles and techniques involved in the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of computer systems within a business environment.

The computer science stream involves the study of computers and computer programs. You will excel in this stream if you're more technically-minded and want to contribute to the future development and support of computer technology.

You're encouraged to explore your interests by enrolling in units from a range of other disciplines such as psychology, languages, biology, philosophy, geography or commerce. This study experience provides domain-specific knowledge useful to the application of information technologies in that area.

Detailed course information

E12 ATAR (or equivalent IB score): 75.00

Course requirements:
Mathematics (not General), or equivalent IB subject.

Faculty support

  • E12 Hotline, open mid January, to assist with enrolment enquiries
  • Personalised enrolment assistance if required
  • Welcome session for students and parents or support people (in conjunction with orientation)
  • "On Track" meeting with the Coordinator/Advisor during the semester if required