How does E12 work?

E12 students

2018 Intake Information

Thank you for your interest in our E12 scheme. Applications for the 2018 E12 intake are now closed. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application prior to the commencement of written HSC examinations.

In 2017, your school can nominate a maximum of 30 students for the 2018 E12 scheme intake. All you need to do is complete a short online supporting application.

Applications for E12 will be assessed by a selection panel and some courses require the student to attend an interview or submit a portfolio of their work.

Find out about our eligibility criteria.

How does the application process work?

Successful applicants will receive an early conditional offer of a place in their preferred course before they sit their HSC exams. This offer will be confirmed by a UAC offer in the main round, if the applicant’s ATAR meets the E12 ATAR and they have met the eligibility criteria.

Steps to complete the principal's supporting application

Step 1

If a student from your school approaches you about E12, check whether they are eligible to apply, and assess whether you think they will meet the selection criteria and ATAR for their chosen university course. This will help you determine whether to support their application.

Step 2

Advise the student whether or not you support their application. If you are in support, encourage them to proceed by applying online for E12. Students will need their UAC number to submit their application.

Once they have applied, you will receive an automated email notifying you of their application, with a link to view their application and any attachments they have submitted. Then you can submit the principal's supporting application. Please note: this cannot be done until the student has submitted their application.

Step 3

In the email you will receive a link that takes you to the log-in page for the principal's supporting applications. After creating your username and password, you can log in and view a full list of the students from your school who have applied for E12, and read their completed applications. First you will be asked to enter 'yes' or 'no' in support of the student. If you choose 'yes', you will then need to complete the rest of your supporting application, which should take around five to ten minutes. If you choose 'no', you can select this option at the beginning of the process, and there will be no further requirements for you.

Step 4

Begin filling out the principal's supporting application form for the student. The student's personal details, BOSTES number, and the E12 course they have selected will be automatically filled in.

Step 5

Using a scale you will assess the student in the following areas: study skills, academic skills, resilience, preparedness for university and community/school participation. To do this you may want to discuss the student's application with their teachers or year adviser.

Step 6

Carefully check all the information you have provided on the form and submit it. Once the form has been submitted, you will not be able to make further changes or to resubmit it. Please note that students who receive a principal’s recommendation will not be guaranteed an E12 conditional offer.

Step 7

At any time you can log in to view the list of students who have applied. If you have a student who applies just before the closing date, you have an additional day to complete the supporting application. You will receive a reminder email in September to complete any outstanding principal's supporting applications, and you have until 6 September to submit these.