How does E12 work?

E12 students

2019 Intake Information

Thank you for your interest in our E12 scheme. Applications for the 2019 E12 intake are now open! Applications for 2019 entry via E12 are accepted via UAC's Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) - your students must apply for SRS, upload the supporting document answering the 3 E12 questions of 200 words each, and select the course they'd like to be considered for under E12 as their top University of Sydney preference.

Applications for E12, via SRS, will be assessed by a selection panel and some courses require the student to attend an interview or submit a portfolio of their work.

Find out about our eligibility criteria.

How does the application process work?

Students will apply for E12 via UAC's Schools Recommendations Schemes and will need to upload a supporting document answering the 3 E12 questions of 200 words each. Successful applicants will receive an early conditional offer of a place in their preferred course in mid-November 2019. This offer will be confirmed by a UAC offer in December Round 2 (main round) if the applicant’s ATAR meets the E12 ATAR and they have otherwise met the eligibility criteria for E12/the course they applied for.

Steps to complete the principal's supporting application

Step 1

If a student from your school approaches you about E12, check whether they are eligible to apply, and assess whether you think they will meet the selection criteria and ATAR for their chosen university course. This will help you determine whether to support their application.

Step 2

Once the student has applied via SRS, you can login to the SRS portal and support their application by provide ratings for the student as required by the SRS system. Please note: this cannot be done until the student has submitted their application.

Step 3

Carefully check all the information you have provided in UAC's SRS portal and submit it. Please note that students who receive a principal’s recommendation in SRS will not be guaranteed an E12 conditional offer.