E12 timeline


Mapping your journey to uni



  • Go online, check the E12 website for important dates and advice on applying.
  • Research the course you’re interested in by looking at the faculty website.


  • Start preparing your E12 application, which from 2018, will be submitted via UAC'S SRS portal. Follow our online tips to get started. Applications open on 8 August, 2018.



  • 11.59pm on 28 September is the final date students can apply for E12 through UAC's SRS portal.
  • You might be invited to attend an interview in November or December, if this is one of the criteria for your E12 course.
  • On-time EAS (through UAC) applications close on 28 September.


  • Find out if you have received an E12 conditional offer before HSC exams end.


  • ATARs are released by UAC at 9am on Friday 14 December 2017.
  • If you meets the E12 ATAR requirement for your course, and any EAS/other conditions applicable to you, you will receive a UAC offer in December Round 2.
  • If you receive an unconditional E12 offer, you and a guest will be invited to attend the E12 event at Info Day in December 2018.



  • If you don't enrol within 3 weeks of receiving your offer, we will give you a call to see if you need help enrolling.


  • The E12 Welcome Orientation will take place in February, 2019.


  • O-Week takes place.
    Uni starts. You made it!