Overseas qualifications

The information contained on this page is for domestic students (ie, citizens of Australia, permanent residents of Australia, citizens of New Zealand amd holders of a Australian Permanent Resident Humanitarian Visa).

Overseas qualifications

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If you have an academic qualification from a country other than Australia you may be able to use it for admission into an undergraduate course.

The University will consider results from certain senior secondary and tertiary qualifications for admission. In general, only academic senior secondary qualifications can be used for admission, not technical or vocationally-oriented secondary qualifications.

For a list of international senior secondary qualifications that the University recognises for undergraduate admission, see the Overseas Qualification List in our international pages.

Admission to the University is highly competitive, so simply completing one of these qualifications does not guarantee you a place in your chosen course. You also need to have achieved a certain result in that qualification. In addition, you must also meet the University’s English requirements and any other additional requirements that may apply to your course.

For those countries where senior secondary qualifications are not recognised by the University, completion of a minimum of one full-time year in a bachelor degree at a recognised tertiary institution or an equivalent tertiary qualification accepted by the University, with the required grades can be considered.

Please note that some qualifications from international colleges and universities will not be accepted for admission to undergraduate courses.

Demonstrating English language proficiency

All applicants are required to demonstrate or provide evidence of proficiency in English.

Please note that some qualifications offered overseas which were delivered in English will not meet the University’s requirements. For more information about the qualifications and tests which are acceptable as proof of English proficiency refer to the University’s English Language Requirements.