Honour students

"After taking a few years off from study, I thought honours was out of reach for me, but through the support of my supervisor I applied and went on to be awarded the University Medal for my Honours work in 2013."

"Through my studies I've been exposed to scholarships, awards, and exhibition opportunities that have been integral to my artistic and professional development. It's also equipped me to build my career as an artist, offering industry connections and opportunities that just aren't available otherwise."

Emily Sandrussi
Bachelors of Visual Arts (Honours) and Master of Fine Arts

"My undergraduate coursework enabled me to understand the foundations of sport and exercise science. I wanted to continue developing my knowledge within this field whilst also having some practical application. Hence, my decision to do research via honours. In the short time I have been conducting my research, it has already allowed me to travel to present my ideas to other researchers within the same field, whilst also being able to understand the broad scope of sport science within soccer."

Denny Noor
Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise & Sport Science) and Honours (Soccer Biomechanics)

"I completed honours in psychology at the University of Sydney and loved the research I was doing so much that I stayed on for more. I now have a passion for research and can think of nothing else I would rather do."

"Research has allowed me the unique opportunity to work with some of the best researchers in the world in my field and many others. I've also had the opportunity to work on large-scale projects in fields like business and economics, medical education, military operations and others."

Simon Jackson
PhD in Psychology

"I work for Macquarie's Funds Group, as a Quantitative Analyst in the Equities team. My role involves performing research and building tools for the Equities team, and draws strongly on the maths I learned in my degree."

"I know for a fact that my doing honours was a factor in my employer's decision to hire me, but aside from that, the year gave me time to figure out what I really wanted to do. Although I haven't chosen a career in the same field as my honours research, I use a lot of the skills I learned in my honours year at work." "I learned a lot in my honours year, about problem solving, working independently, working under supervision, and self-motivation. I made some good friends, and I definitely believe it made me both more employable, and better-equipped to do my job."

Emily Perks
Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) and Honours (Physics)