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Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientist

Environmental science has a key part to play in determining our economic future – meeting our need for sustainable, environmentally conscious production – not just in Australia but across the whole world. The faculties of Science and Agriculture and Environment offer a number of degrees in economics and science to prepare you for a career in this vitally important field.

The skills taught across a variety of science disciplines will enable you to dedicate your passion and insights to a range of environmental challenges, including climate change, food security, water management and carbon emissions. Potential careers are plentiful in areas such as sustainable agriculture (in natural and managed environments), soil science, ecology, environmental management and protection, catchment management, land and water conservation, and hydrology.

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Marine Biologist

Marine biologist

A marine biologist’s job is to observe, measure and analyse all forms of life in marine habitats. You could work in a variety of areas, from government organisations and universities to zoos. You can major in marine biology, marine geoscience or marine science within any Bachelor of Science degrees, or the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science.

The courses involve practical field work and can be enhanced with an honours year, during which you carry out specific research and may participate in oceanographic expeditions.

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Medical Scientist

Medical scientist

Medical researchers employ their analytic skills to investigate problems associated with illnesses and injuries. For example, you may carry out laboratory experiments to find a cure for a certain disease, or research better ways for doctors to diagnose a variety of illnesses. The best place to start is a Bachelor of Medical Science, with a major in an area that interests you. Many students choose to continue with postgraduate research where they investigate a specific medical problem and look for solutions. Medical researchers can be found in government groups, pharmaceutical companies and medical technology research organisations.

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