HSC courses at Sydney

Both Mind and Morality and America: Prophecy, Power, Politics are HSC courses that are endorsed by NSW Board of Studies. This means that they can count towards a degree at the University of Sydney. You can take these courses whilst you are in year 11.

Mind and Morality

This philosophy course consists of four modules:

  • Mind and Body
    Am I my mind or am I my body? Do I have a soul that could survive after my body is destroyed?
  • Nature, Machines and the Mind
    Are my thoughts just brain states? Is artificial intelligence possible? Could a robot think and feel?
  • Moral Diversity and Relativism
    Are any moral judgments true? Is morality determined by God’s commands? Is morality merely subjective or culturally relative?
  • Moral Unity
    What are the sources of shared moral values? Should we act so as to increase overall happiness? Should we violate someone’s rights in order to increase overall happiness?

America: Prophecy, Power, Politics

The course will provide a conceptual overview of major issues in contemporary and historical American society, politics, and culture. As the partisan divide in American politics demonstrates, the United States is a nation deeply divided by disagreements over: the role and size of government; religion and the separation of church and state; foreign policy and the nation’s role in the global order; and the balance of individual liberties with collective justice.