Students' perspective

Campus life at the University of Sydney is a unique experience. As a Sydney student, you'll enjoy an inspiring learning environment and a campus atmosphere alive with activity and diversity.

You can get a glimpse into your own future as a student here by reading what students Laura, Rebekah and William have to say about life at Sydney.

Being a Sydney Student by Laura Minchella

Laura Minchella

When I was a high school student I thought life at university would be purely academic, with a strict study curriculum. But there is so much more you can get out of your time here.

When I first started at Sydney, I was welcomed into a vibrant student community, filled with active and enthusiastic people who are passionate about what they do, and involved in a range of fun and interesting activities.

The University supports more than 200 clubs and societies, run by students, for students. Whatever you’re interested in, whether it’s sport, photography, or comic books, there’s a club that you can join. It’s a great way to meet other students who share your interests, and get involved with the many social events organised by the clubs.

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A day in the life of... Rebekah Raymond

Rebekah Raymond

7.00am Enjoy a hot breakfast along with the other 200 or so students who also live at St John’s College.

9.00am Time for my biology lecture. Biology is my favourite subject, which is why I’ve picked it as my science major for my double degree.

10.00am No classes until lunchtime, so I head over to the Koori Centre computer lab to check my email, and print off lecture notes for the next day’s classes.

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A day in the life of... William Chan

William Chan

7.00am On the train to university, carrying my conceptual model. Trying hard to make sure people don’t bump into it, while I go over the main points of a speech I’m giving later.

10.50am It’s presentation day for my design studio unit. Just finished presenting my project to peers and the professional architects who were the guest critics. Quite relieved it’s over.

12.00pm Grab a flat white from the faculty’s Artos Cafe and walk over to the Tin Sheds Gallery with my friends to check out a new architecture exhibition.

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