Rebekah Raymond

 Rebekah Raymond

7.00am Enjoy a hot breakfast along with the other 200 or so students who also live at St John’s College.

9.00am Time for my biology lecture. Biology is my favourite subject, which is why I’ve picked it as my science major for my double degree.

10.00am No classes until lunchtime, so I head over to the Koori Centre computer lab to check my email, and print off lecture notes for the next day’s classes.

10.30am Relax in the Koori Centre common room and read through my notes.

11.00am Head over to Manning House to grab an early lunch: a delicious schnitzel sandwich from Zabeli’s Cafe. At Manning, I always run into lots of people I know going to and from classes.

12.00pm Chemistry lecture. This is one of the most popular science classes; I’m sitting with more than a hundred students, all of us listening carefully.

1.00pm Biology practical. Lab coats on! We are going to examine some of the fungal spores we collected as part of our research report.

5.00pm It has been a long day, I’m grateful I live on campus as I walk home up the hill to college. Wednesday is formal dinner night at my college, so everyone wears their academic robes during the three-course meal.