William Chan

William Chan

7.00am On the train to university, carrying my conceptual model. Trying hard to make sure people don’t bump into it, while I go over the main points of a speech I’m giving later.

10.50am It’s presentation day for my design studio unit. Just finished presenting my project to peers and the professional architects who were the guest critics. Quite relieved it’s over.

12.00pm Grab a flat white from the faculty’s Artos Cafe and walk over to the Tin Sheds Gallery with my friends to check out a new architecture exhibition.

1.30pm Lunch on the run, or should I say on the bus, as I head off to North Sydney for my off-campus construction class (a site visit).

2.00pm Explore the site, taking photos and making quick sketches. We’re learning how to set up and construct the concrete foundations of a new residential dwelling.

4.00pm Back to uni for my final class of the day: sketching on Cadigal Green. Several passersby stop to look at our charcoal drawings. It’s a bit embarrassing but I still love being able to learn outdoors as it’s really relaxing.

5.00pm Designer Drinks in the faculty foyer. Time to wind down after an intense day and catch up with students and staff over nibbles.

6.00pm Back at home for a jog before sunset. Can’t wait for dinner time.